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Postponed to 2021


Dear participant of the ECSCD-14,

we deeply regret that we have to inform you today that ECSCD-14 will not take place as planned, but will be postponed to 2021.

This decision was made by the local organization committee (and confirmed by the ECSCD scientific board) and is due to the very dynamic spread of the Corona virus SARS-CoV-2 and the travel and quarantine restrictions put in action by the national governments and authorities. We hope for your understanding for this decision.

We were very much looking forward to this event, since you and your registered contributions have enabled us to put together an excellent scientific program. If you wish, you can download the (suspended) program from our web site.

Please note that ECSCD-14 is not cancelled but postponed. We plan to stick to the original program as far as possible, and therefore hope very much that you will be able and willing to join us for rescheduled event as well. At present we are negotiating with the Eibsee hotel about finding an adequate date for rescheduling ECSCD-14. We will certainly keep you up to date.

Some very important information on the refund and cancellation procedure

1. We will refund the registration fees as soon as possible, please be patient since this may take some time.

2. Please do not forget to cancel your accommodation with Eibsee hotel before 05.04.2020. All of you who have booked their rooms with Eibsee hotel directly have to cancel this booking themselves. Unfortunately, there might be a cancellation fee applying to your room reservation. At present the situation is as follows: By order of the authorities of the state of Bavaria the Eibsee hotel has been closed (as basically all hotels in the region). At present it is unknown whether or not this ordered closure continues into May. If this is the case, there will be no cancellation fee. But if the Bavarian authorities allow re-opening of the hotel before 04.05., there will be cancellation fee of 20% of the actual costs. Precondition for this rather moderate fee is cancellation of the booking before 05.04.2020. If you miss this date the fee will increase to 70% !

3. Regarding your travel expenses we are very sorry that we cannot offer any financial compensation. Regarding flights and train tickets, please try to get your ticket refunded from the corresponding train company or airline. In many cases, special reimbursement programs were announced. Deutsche Bahn, e.g., is refunding the full price, if the journey is no longer possible due to the corona virus. Many airlines have similar reimbursement programs, in particular since most flights have been (or will be) cancelled anyway.

4. In case you need an official letter of cancellation, please contact us via e-mail.

We would again like to stress that we deeply regret the need to postpone the conference. We hope for your understanding, and look forward to seeing you at ECSCD-14 in 2021.

With best regards, please stay healthy,

The local organization team


The 14th European Conference on Surface Crystallography and Dynamics (ECSCD-14) will be held on May 4th to 8th 2020 at Eibsee-Hotel, located at the foot of the Zugspitze mountain, the highest peak of the German Alps. The conference will be organized by the Peter Grünberg Institute, Forschungszentrum Jülich.

ECSCD-14 will bring together scientists interested in the theoretical and experimental study of the structural and related electronic properties of crystalline surfaces.

Several novel material systems have been in the focus of condensed matter research in recent years. Examples are two-dimensional materials and their heterostructures, TMDCs, and topological materials. For all of them, surfaces and interfaces play an important role. The careful investigation of structural aspects at the surfaces and interfaces of these materials, in addition to more traditional metals, semiconductors and oxides, will be one of the foci of the conference. Other recent developments that will feature prominently are the extension of ultrafast experiments to the investigation of surface structures, the use of angle-resolved photoemission for structural investigations at surfaces, and the possibility to craft atomic and molecular structures with scanning probe microscopes which allows the creation of designer materials with tailored properties.

We particularly encourage oral and poster contributions from young scientists. Attending the conference will provide them with an opportunity to meet with experienced and internationally recognized colleagues.

Please feel free to download the Poster ECSCD14 , print it and display at appropriate places in your institution or anywhere else you see fit.

History of the European Conference on Surface Crystallography and Dynamics

ECSCD-14 is a continuation of a successful series of conferences dedicated to structure and dynamics of crystalline surfaces and the related properties and processes. The previous ECSCD conferences have been held in

Erlangen, Germany (1985)
Cambridge, United Kingdom (1988)
San Miniato, Italy (1991)
Aarhus, Denmark (1993)
Banz, Germany (1995)
La Grande Motte, France (1998)
Leiden, Netherlands (2001)
Segovia, Spain (2004)
Vienna, Austria (2007)
Reading, United Kingdom (2010)
Edinburgh, United Kingdom (2012)
Trieste, Italy (2015)
Donostia-San Sebastian, Spain (2017)

Sponsors and Partners

Jülich Research Center (Forschungszentrum Jülich)

Forschungszentrum Jülich GmbH

German Research Foundation (Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft, DFG)

Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft